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      I’d like to THANK YOU for visiting! Also for signing up for My (eBay) Memorabilia Newsletter & for Collecting My Photos… As most of you may know I have been selling my Memorabilia on eBay for the past year+ I am most appreciative of your Loyal & Lustful Fan-Friendship & Following...It is how I support myself these days so again Muchas Gracias SweetMeat! *Lusty Kisses For You* Xo

      I hand-picked and added some of my favorite THICK-n-JUICY SELFIE Pix for you since I know you like me THICK or at least so I have heard! *wink* some are Sweet and some are NASTY! (They don’t call me Nasty Nessa for nothing!) I keep getting request for personal items so I also added some Sexy Lingerie, Stockings and Shoes from my PERSOANL CLOSET that I took SELFIES in before Selfies were popular I might add! (I called them Self Portraits)

      I also decided to group some photo shoot photos with personal items…like the Stockings I’m wearing!...Full Fashion or Fishnets, My Bra, My Shoes… all for your VdR Memorabilia COLLECTION! -Some Items Will BE (1) ONE OF A KIND! -

      Are there any particular ‘Items’ that you would like as a Memorabilia from Yours Truly...Let me know.

      I have so many great pix to add, you should see my upstairs office…its literally covered with all the pix from my trunk. It’s not easy to choose which ones to put for you up so I hope you are enjoying the ones I have! ;-) You can always eMail me via eBay if there is a particular type of pose you like and I’ll see if I have it. BOOB Man? Leg Man? Ass Man? (Darling don’t forget to do the ADULT VERIFICATION Click so you can see everything I have for you!)

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